Using “Random” with Processing

Below is my very rough code to create messy, random dots. It’s bloated, and you could do a lot to “bum” this code.

// The statements in the setup() function 
// execute once when the program begins void setup() { size(600, 600); 
// Size should be the first statement stroke(255); 
// Set stroke color to white noLoop(); }

float y = 300; // this is the midpoint of the 600px tall sketch

// The statements in draw() are run until the 
// program is stopped. Each statement is run in 
// sequence and after the last line is read, the first 
// line is run again. 

void draw() { 
// background(125); // Set the background to black (I commented this out - Steve) 
float rando = random(-10,10); // choose a random number from -10 to 10 
float randColorR = random(255); // Pick a value for RED from 0-255 
float randColorG = random(255); // Pick a value for GREEN from 0-255 
float randColorB = random(255); // Pick a value for BLUE from 0-255 


// fill in the RGB, and the last value is for opacity! Which I set to 5. 

//This is just some crazy math to make the ellipse all jittery and weird. Could be much more efficient.
// and now it repeats 


// and now it repeats - again, this could MUCH more efficient. 
// stroke(y,y/2,y/3); 
// background(y-100,y*2,Y*3); 
// line(10, y, width/3, y);

 y = y - 1;
 if (y < 0) {
 y = height;

void mousePressed()